Monday, January 21, 2013

What's your dream?

In light of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday today, I wanted to share one of the most special things I've ever seen. My little 9-year old sister (I'm not kidding when I say she's truly an angel) had an assignment in class last week where her teacher asked the class for their "I Have a Dream" Speech.

While other kids dreamed to fly or be a superhero (completely normal of a 9-year old), this is what my little sister wrote...

I Have a Dream

That I can follow God's Word
That my family will always believe in God and have faith
That my friends will understand me

O, I have a dream
That children will have mommies and daddies
That grownups will be an example to children
That people will start trusting in Jesus

O, I have a dream
That people will find God's Word
That people will learn more about Jesus
That there will be no giving up on God

O, I have a dream...

Camillerose Aguirre 

My prayer is when I have children, that they love and desire God's Word like my little sister. My mom is clearly an amazing mom, but this little one tops us all.

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