Monday, January 21, 2013

What's your dream?

In light of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday today, I wanted to share one of the most special things I've ever seen. My little 9-year old sister (I'm not kidding when I say she's truly an angel) had an assignment in class last week where her teacher asked the class for their "I Have a Dream" Speech.

While other kids dreamed to fly or be a superhero (completely normal of a 9-year old), this is what my little sister wrote...

I Have a Dream

That I can follow God's Word
That my family will always believe in God and have faith
That my friends will understand me

O, I have a dream
That children will have mommies and daddies
That grownups will be an example to children
That people will start trusting in Jesus

O, I have a dream
That people will find God's Word
That people will learn more about Jesus
That there will be no giving up on God

O, I have a dream...

Camillerose Aguirre 

My prayer is when I have children, that they love and desire God's Word like my little sister. My mom is clearly an amazing mom, but this little one tops us all.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Despicable Me Sisters

Since watching Despicable Me, my sisters and I noticed something oddly familiar about the movie. Someone made us animated!!! We couldn't believe how similar Margo was to me (Jenelle), Edith is to Michelle, and cute little Agnes to Cassandra.

We decided to reenact some of the pictures just to have some fun with it. 

Here we were as younger girls (this was literally a few months before I started wearing glasses).