Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Reflection

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's been a whirlwind of a month. Every single day this month has been filled with parties, events, rehearsals, or simply busyness. I've actually enjoyed it, but haven't taken the time to really meditate on why we really celebrate Christmas.
What would CHRISTmas be without Christ? Nothing. Reflecting on some Scriptures with my mother-in-law, she read to me her journal entry regarding how touched she was at Mary's responsiveness to the Holy Spirit. I loved what she wrote and wanted to share it here.
"We are too busy with our daily obligations. With thoughts of things to do and places to go, we read the Bible and hurry through passages to get it done, and feel like we did our part. Rushed and trying to meet all the deadlines that lie before us, our thoughts allow little room for quietness so we can listen to him. We have our phones nearby; disruptive lifestyles do not allow us to be like Mary, to be submissive, willing, able, quiet and eager to do his will. Our will usually wins. We justify our feelings, thoughts, and actions all too easily. We've become complacent in a world so cold. We've been lukewarm, compared to Mary."  - Gladys Ferrer
After reading Luke 1:26-56, you see how Mary responded to a situation that would have had her stoned and killed with faith, trust and hope in God. She even ends that passage of Scripture in Luke with a song unto the Lord.

May we all take the time to allow God to work in our lives as Mary did. She took the time to listen and believe that she would carry the Messiah in her womb.

God has a purpose for us all...unless we listen to the calling, we can miss it in the busyness of the season and life in general.

May you truly have a blessed and merry Christmas with the fullness of all it is!