Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Move

As many of you know, we just moved back to Miami, Florida. We had one week scheduled with the truck to move everything into an apartment we had to find. Fun, huh? Not so much. We left Monday at noon after packing up the truck with the help of some wonderful friends (Thank you guys again!!!). Then lost an hour b/c of the time difference. After enduring 60 mph winds, a hail storm, along with severe thunder and lightning in Georgia, we arrived safely in West Palm Beach at 3am. Those last 30 min. felt like 4 hours.

We spent the night at my mommy-in-law's house. We awoke to amazing omelette's and fresh fruit salad. Then, set off to Miami to see my family and find a place to live.

By Wednesday, I was frustrated because we didn't have a place to move into. Meanwhile, God was being the amazing God He is...I had three job offers (still don't know which one to pick). Then, when I was at the point of frustration ready to throw in the towel (mind you, this was only 3 days after we moved), we find the perfect condo. We saw it, loved it and placed the offer to the landlady for it. She accepted it and we moved in the next day. Then on Friday we returned the truck (a day before it was due).

We still have boxes everywhere in the condo, but for the most part have it set up the way we want it. I still have to pick a job by Monday and we need to find a church. But overall, the Lord is amazing and has led us and provided for us every step of the way, despite my impatience and frustration.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Truth Seeker

I am a truth seeker. I strive to know the fullness of the Lord, his grace and his love. I want to understand his Word with all that is in me. However, the Bible is a HARD book!!!

There are several times where I have read a verse and even memorized it, but it wasn't until years later that I read that verse again and it meant something to me. It's as if the Holy Spirit reveals something new everytime I read His Word. It's facinating really, but at the same frustrating when I can't quite grasp the hard stuff.

It's not that I don't understand the verse, it's that I don't understand how it reflects Jesus or His purpose for the Church. I just want to interpret the Word of God the way it was intended to be understood and not changed or interpreted to make it more comfortable for my lifestyle. Being a Christ follower is not about comfort or tolerance. It IS about love. It's about going agaist the grain...about not conforming to the world, but being light and salt.

Through several conversations with different individuals over the past few weeks, I've discovered that the more I strive to know God, the more I realize I know nothing! I come to him with an open heart and desiring to know Him more, hoping He continues to reveal His truth to me at the right time in my life.

I know there's only so much our minds can comprehend about God, but I have so many questions. Some I know he'll answer, and others I think I won't know until I'm face-to-face with Him on that future date.

This blog is a very loaded one with a ton of underlying questions. This is simply me right now in my continuing spiritual journey with the Lord.