Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puzzle Pieces.

I love puzzles! I'm so cheesy when I do puzzles because I can't help but think of a million different life analogies as I work on it. So, of course, I'm going to share the one that affected me most during this puzzle.

As I begin a puzzle, I get such a rush when I see all the puzzle pieces thrown on the table before me. I begin by separating the end pieces and the four corners. Then, I begin creating my border. When I completed my border, I noticed 4 pieces didn't fit toward the bottom. I left them pending until a few days into the puzzle because I couldn't see them fit anywhere.

I became so frustrated because I usually get the border the first time around. My husband noticed and decided to take a stab at it. Then, he had the audacity to tell me to return it because they gave me a bad puzzle. I started laughing because there was no way that happened.

A day before finishing the puzzle, I realized I had forced a piece that looked like it fit in 2 different places. That made all those pieces unable to fit. As I was adjusting my error, I realized that in life, we sometimes force things that aren't meant to be. We choose our will instead of the Lord's will in our lives. When we do, we see the consequences of those choices. The opposite is true.

When we allow the pieces in life to fall into place, they do. The promises of the Lord are true yesterday, today, and forever. Twice in one week I've read that God is no respecter of man. It's true. If you follow the principles of God's truth, whether or not you believe in Him, you will be blessed. Jethro Kloss said it best:
"When physical law is obeyed by any human being, whether good or bad, he will reap the reward God has promised. When a man, who does not believe in God, tills his soil properly and sows and plants properly, God gives him sunshine and rain the same as he does a righteous man, for God is no respecter of persons."
The other quote was from another book I just read by Jackie Mize:
"God is no respecter of persons. Abide in the Word of God and let His Word abide in you and you can ask what you will and it will be done for you (Acts 10:34, John 15:7)."
Don't force pieces of the puzzle because the bigger picture is perfectly created. You just have to make sure the right pieces go in their place, so when you step back and see it completed, it is just as it should be.

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