Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A View I Miss

This is the week my family spends at our beach timeshare. I didn't even notice how perfect our timing of our move was, that we would even be able to enjoy it with them. Spending this time on the beach, playing volleyball and simply reflecting on the majesty of God's creation has definitely been rejuvinating and refreshing.

The ocean is so beautiful and such a great reflection of the Lord's power and beauty. I caught myself sitting on our balcony and just watching the ocean. I even saw a manatee =). I happened to have lived on the beach for six years of my life...this beach in fact, and NEVER did I fully appreciate what I had until now (when I don't live on it- isn't that always how it happens?).

This beach held several great memories of my youth and most importantly, a proposal by my [now] husband on December 17, 2005. Everytime I glance at the volleyball court at this hotel, I remember the fire that lit up reading "Marry Me". It was the most romantic proposal ever.

I love coming back to this particular location, but the beach in general is a view I truly missed.

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