Monday, May 4, 2009

Moving back home

When I moved to Tennessee, I didn't know what to expect. I definitely didn't think I'd fall in love with it so soon. After only a month, I knew I wanted to live here forever; however, my husband did not agree. He liked it, but did not love it.

I tried to convince him week after week to see all the advantages of living here...the beauty, the trees, the seasons, our church, the people, the traffic (or lack of), the laid back lifestyle...etc. I figured with what he loves, this would be a perfect fit, but it wasn't until March that I realized it was never going to happen.
In March, we went down to Miami/West Palm Beach to visit all of our family. The second we landed he said "we're home". Mind you, his least favorite place of all was Miami, and all of a sudden he missed it. Odd how things play out.

I then realized I married a fish. All he was talking about was how much he missed the ocean, the lakes in every corner and boating. I didn't want to admit it to him at the time, but I too felt like I was home. I was so torn because I never wanted to move back and I really loved Tennessee, especially living in Franklin, but there's just something about South Florida.

It didn't take me long during our vacation to realize what I dreaded - we were moving back. I told him under NO circumstance would we move to the crowded, over populated city of Miami or even Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm for that matter. We would go to Central Florida.

But of course, never say never...Miami here we come. It's bittersweet really. I'm going to miss our friends and church family and of course my family, but I'm really happy to go home. It's the first time in awhile I've said that.

I know the Lord's hand is in this. We prayed for a long time before making this decision and we're pretty confident we're on the right track. Everytime we've asked for confirmation making sure we're heading in the right direction, we've received it. So...I'm happy, excited even, to see what the Lord has for us in Miami.

Change of temperature, one season year round, completely different cultures, lots of traffic, fast-paced lifestyle...polar opposites, but I still love it here! And looking forward to being close to family again =)


  1. How exciting!! Back to Miami! I'm sure it's bittersweet and a little nerve-wrecking but what's important is that you & Lucas are under God's will. Everything will fall into place! Plus, maybe we'll be seeing more of each other...I might be moving back to Miami this summer too ;)

  2. really?!!? That's awesome! Keep me posted!